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Getting Started

There are several ways in which AGHTM can be incorporated into a mission. The sections below cover each one, as well as helping you decide which method is best for your needs. The library was built to be very flexible and can be bent into many different circumstances, even those not initially conceived by us, the developer. Each section additionally covers what you will need to download to be able to use AGHTM in each scenario, whether it be a premade mission template or the AGHTM Library bundle, which includes all text, image and audio assets that you can add to your own missions.

Methods of Using AGHTM

Using AGHTM Mission Templates
The easiest way to build an AGHTM Transport Mission, is to use one of the premade mission templates. These template files are fully functional missions with everything that is needed, already included and wired up. This method allows you to simply drag the items in the template to new locations, or make additional adjustments as you see fit, to change or enhance landing areas, add additional air traffic or refueling stops, etc. With an absolute minimum amount of effort, you can quickly build new immersive, interactive, and enjoyable missions in minutes. This page also has all of the download links for the various templates that are available.
Using AGHTM in a New Mission
Another option available is to use the AGHTM Libray in a brand new mission. You will be responsible for all of the setup that is required. This is the best way to understand exactly how AGHTM works, but also requires more work than simply using one of the premade templates. You will be responsible for adding all of the audio files to the mission manually, adding all of the supporting scripts that are needed, Mission Briefing Information, hopefully the AGHTM mission briefing image, all trigger zones, and triggers, as well as some custom F10 Map Drawings if desired (as seen in all of the mission templates as well as all of the missions in the Mission Bundle).
This method, although the most work, is also the most flexible way of using AGHTM. You will have full control over all aspects of the mission. You will be able to change NAV Radio frequencies, audio clips, number of pickup locations and their related data, as well as some other options that are not easily available to you when using the templates. These things can still be done inside missions created using the templates, but will require you to create and modify a new agHTMConfig.lua file, and add it back into the mission after you make your changes. This process will be covered in detail in the linked section.
Using AGHTM as a Plugin to Enhance an Existing Mission
This method really is the same as the above (as indicated by both links pointing to the same page) but there are some points worth noting that make it a very different scenario. This section calls out some of the added functionality AGHTM provides in some additional cases.
First, all of the functionality provided by AGHTM is bound only to the trigger zones that represent the pickup locations. This means you can build any type of landing area you wish to represent your pickup zone, as long as the center of your trigger zone is right on your landing area. This could be a single helipad, custom FARP/FOB, a gas or oil rig, a custom object from a mod (like the heliport and science vessel assets we use in many of the missions in the Mission Bundle), an improvised landing area made up of mark tires, etc.... or maybe even nothing but a VFR point (Tip: Add smoke; Your users will thank you for it).
Additionally, the script is bound to a single player who is the pilot flying the transport mission. AGHTM was initially intended to be a framework for building single-player missions. However, through some testing and experimentation, we found that, as it turns out, it is also really good for Multi-Player missions as well. For example, you could set up an AGHTM mission using whichever method is best for you. Then you could add some enemy threats that prevent the transport pilot from making the pickups at each location. You could then add some escort aircraft, ground units, drivable Combined Arms vehicles etc. that have to clear the area before you can make your pickups. This is just one example of how you could make a potentially very large scale mission for a large group or a smaller scale mission with less enemies for you and a friend or two to fly. The capabilities are only limited by your own imagination.
Additionally, AGHTM and agScript will both work alongside popular mission building frameworks already out there like MIST, MOOSE, CTLD, etc. In fact, MIST will be part of your mission by default, since the agCore script depends on it for several calculation functions. Keep that you can already leverage MIST in mind when building your missions. You could use it for respawning enemies, for example, or spawning enemies based on certain conditions or group size.
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